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Sensational Finds: Enough Fabric for many many many projects…

So today….my last day of weekday “freedom” before I start my new job on Monday…I went and picked up some prints that were purchased from my Etsy shop and stopped in Wal-mart (thanks to the “snow/ice storm” expected today, it was PACKED out!) and thought I would stop at one of my favorite thrift stores on the way home to see if they might have a frame that I could use in my guest bathroom…nope, they didn’t and I wasn’t surprised BUT they did have a roll of this green fabric for…..drum roll…..$3!!!!!! Whoohoo 🙂 So…even if I get “iced” in I will have plenty to keep me busy 🙂

I know, again, not the best picture in the world.  But, it was a fabulous find.  I’m so excited.

Happy Friday….to my fellow southerners, be safe and only drive if necessary!


Decor 101: DIY Interesting Wall Art

I’ve been working on a collage of frames to fill the empty spot next to the IKEA shelves…only I’ve not come up with anything to put into the frames….until the other day.  I’ve seen many people do it (on various blogs…and decor sites) and I’ve always loved the look, so I decided it was high time to make two that were personalized for us.  I did one based on our lovely hometown, Greenville, and one for the passion of liberty that both my husband and I possess. Here’s what resulted, I think the Liberty one is definitely better, but love how these turned out:

Copyright A Starter House.

Copyright A Starter House.

Anyways, just thought I would share!

Decor 101: Turn over a new leaf…

I found this guy at goodwill last week:

Sorry for the flash....I took this at night and the lighting was not working in my favor...

…and guess how much it was at Linen & Things….$14.99….and I paid only $1.50.  Granted, I like things better when they are a dollar or less, but I could swallow the extra fifty cents to get a new centerpiece for my coffee table. I ALMOST passed it by, but then I thought of what a little spray paint could do.  After a little sanding and two coats of Heirloom White, I had this pretty centerpiece to call my own:

Nice soft lighting... LOVE how it turned out!

Another shot....lovely space heater to ruin the shot!

I think I will sew a runner for the coffee table…I’m thinking some type of burlap or linen to add a little texture to the room.  So excited with how this turned out, and only $1.50!

New Look

I just freshened up the blog look.  I didn’t like how the last one was set up and the header really annoyed me….I felt so embarassed to say I was a graphic designer and have a header like the one I had.  This isn’t my best work, but at least I put some thought into it. I do want to figure out how to make some changes to the template a little bit, but that will come sometime later.  As for the header… those are my two dogs, Peyton at the top in his afternoon sunspot…and Piper is the black border collie.  Piper is doing much better, and using BOTH legs.  Three months after surgery and the only problem is that she needs to gain some strength back in the one leg.  Bless her heart, when she sits down, you hear and see her leg slowly sliding out!

Decor 101: NEW Artful Repurpose of a Cabinet Door

SO back here I repurposed a cabinet door into a delightful typographical piece of art reminiscent of what you would find at Pottery Barn and Ballard designs.  And just recently took two more of the doors from that old entertainment center and made this headboard… so with the last cabinet door I made one final piece of artwork.  John & Sherry at YoungHouseLove inspired me to try printing the art and adhering it to the surface instead of painting it…and here are the results after sanding, painting, glueing, waiting, some artistic additions thanks to my favorite minwax stain, and a tad more sanding:

The lighting is making it look a tad more shiny than I would like, but I love how it turned out!

Next to the bed....notice the same colored walls throughout the house...can't wait to add color!!!

Can’t wait to show you all what new storage solutions I added to the Master bath yesterday….courtesy of a nice day outside (at last)!  Also have some other great projects coming up that I recently finished.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

I’m linking this to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land:

Do It Yourself Day

Enjoy all the creative projects over there! 🙂

Weekend Recap: Much completed!

1 ) Finish living room throw.

2 ) Spray paint goodwill find (a giant leaf for the coffee table…its not as hideous as it sounds, promise.)

3 ) Make liners for two baskets above my wine rack.

4 ) Find a 24 x 36 inch mirror/frame that is CHEAP.  I need it for the bathroom and by gosh by golly I’ve been looking in every thrift store, second hand shop, goodwill, habitat homestore, hobby lobby sales….and I still can’t find one that will work.  I’m determined that I WILL find one this weekend.

5 ) Fill the empty frames in my house

6 ) Hang bathroom mirror (in the master…I’ve had it for 7 months…and yes, its been leaning on the wall in the master for that many months waiting for me to hang it in the bathroom…..I really do need someone to light a fire under me!)

7 ) Sew two pillows

8 ) Update wardrobe (up to J.Crew clearance center we will go….he insists on getting their shoes? I’ve not been overly impressed with their “longevity” and I used to work there as a sales associate…I love their stuff, especially at the prices at the clearance center….but no, it does not last as long as the price should make them last…)

9 ) Finish painting, and hanging two shelves for the master bath…again, like the mirror, I’ve had them for 7 months.  Folks…I’m pathetic.  I can start projects like these and get 95% of the way done…I’m not sure why that last 5% is always so hard, but let me tell you it is.  I’ve been told I need to hire someone to finish off all the 5%’s I’ve left…I’m really not that bad.  Just when it comes to these types of projects. I’m counting this done, only because it rained ALL weekend, and I was only able to get one extra coat on.  I’m putting another on today, as well as a coat of poly….

10 ) Buy more heirloom white spray paint to paint another shelving piece that looks gross…but really is just worn out.

11 ) Hang clock in Master bedroom

12 )Work on office filing situation

13 ) Organize Tax info (gag….I HATE taxes…like I’m so paranoid I’m going to mess something up every year.  I know they aren’t as bad as I think, but I just don’t ever want to make a mistake…I’m not avoiding it this year though, I’m making myself get it done and over with so I can enjoy what tax refund I get this year….ha, its going to be itty bitty if I do get one!)

14 ) Finish an organization project that has been in the works

15 ) Finally….since lets be honest we KNOW all of this will not get done this weekend…but what to do with these:

Okay, so only 6 out of 15…not that great, but considering I was hindered by the rain, and a dog that ate one of my pillows that I made…I was happy with what I got done.  AND I also cleaned out my clothes, and got rid of TWO bags of clothes!  I also rearranged my part of the closet and now have one almost empty drawer, and one completely empty drawer!  I did make some progress on the frame filling….but still have a little ways to go.  Matt and I also STARTED to check out different surfaces for the kitchen.  We’ve decided to tackle small amounts of the project at a time.  We think we will have to replace/resurface the counters first.  We are going to talk to a local realtor about what would be wise considering our neighborhood.  Yeah we are close to downtown, but people moving into our home will not pay for granite countertops considering the location.  So there are a few surfaces for that we are considering, but I do have a color palate, I’m SO excited.  It may take a few years to get a complete kitchen, but I don’t think Matt and I could handle having multiple large projects, but I’m PUMPED none the less.  The paint color combined with the cabinetry color we will be painting, and the color for the countertops, it will be a place I LOVE cooking.  SO anyways….long story short, two trips to home improvement stores took a chunk of our time.  But I had fun with Matt and that is way more important than any project I could stir up:)

Campbell Life: My “bucket list”

So about 6 years ago, as I was graduating from high school and entering my freshman year in college, I decided to make a list of things that I wanted to do before I died or could no longer do them.  While I will not go into all of the different items….I thought I would mention a few.

10) Run a mile in under 8 minutes (I accomplished this for the first time in 2004)

While this may not seem like that big of a deal…since I run half-marathons now…back in 2003, I HATED running.  I still hated it in 2004….but I was running on treadmills at this point, and 10 minute miles were still torture.  I had been on the soccer team in highschool and had not enjoyed our lap running at all and was determined that I would one day be able to run a mile in under 8 minutes.

8) Go mountain  climbing (indoor our outdoor)

Hmmm…have NOT done that.  I tried in college once, but plans fell through.  Se la vie…

13) Make a baked Alaska.

Call my crazy, but for whatever reason, I have been FACINATED with making a baked alaska since I was little.  I remember hearing about them and I was in awe of them.  So I really wanted to make one – I have not as of yet.  But I’m putting it on my list of things to do this year.  I think it will be fun.

19) Have a dog named rover.

I love dogs… but I’m sad to say unless I decide to give my dogs middle names…I am way over the name rover.  What was I thinking????

17) Sing the national anthem at a baseball game or OSU game

Hmm…this one might be out of reach….but who knows?

Now I really did have more important goals on my list, but some of them are really close to my heart and I wouldn’t want to share them… I’ve accomplished 13 out of 34 so far.  I add every so often when I think of something really important…but I haven’t in a while since (like I added half-marathon a while back – and have since accomplished that). Anyways…do any of you have a bucket list?

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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