Weekend Forecast: 1/23/10-1/24/10

So there won’t be any ginormous projects going on this weekend…but there are a lot of things I would like to get done, seeing as I start my NEW JOB on February 1st.  Yes siree….I feel SO blessed to have found a job in 6 weeks.  God is good.  I will be a marketing assistant and Graphic Designer.  Can’t wait to start.  In the meantime I get a little over a week to work on the house (guiltfree might I add) and finish up some projects.  Here’s a look at what I would like to get done this weekend:

1 ) Finish living room throw.

2 ) Spray paint goodwill find (a giant leaf for the coffee table…its not as hideous as it sounds, promise.)

3 ) Make liners for two baskets above my wine rack.

4 ) Find a 24 x 36 inch mirror/frame that is CHEAP.  I need it for the bathroom and by gosh by golly I’ve been looking in every thrift store, second hand shop, goodwill, habitat homestore, hobby lobby sales….and I still can’t find one that will work.  I’m determined that I WILL find one this weekend.

5 ) Fill the empty frames in my house

6 ) Hang bathroom mirror (in the master…I’ve had it for 7 months…and yes, its been leaning on the wall in the master for that many months waiting for me to hang it in the bathroom…..I really do need someone to light a fire under me!)

7 ) Sew two pillows

8 ) Update wardrobe (up to J.Crew clearance center we will go….he insists on getting their shoes? I’ve not been overly impressed with their “longevity” and I used to work there as a sales associate…I love their stuff, especially at the prices at the clearance center….but no, it does not last as long as the price should make them last…)

9 ) Finish painting, and hanging two shelves for the master bath…again, like the mirror, I’ve had them for 7 months.  Folks…I’m pathetic.  I can start projects like these and get 95% of the way done…I’m not sure why that last 5% is always so hard, but let me tell you it is.  I’ve been told I need to hire someone to finish off all the 5%’s I’ve left…I’m really not that bad.  Just when it comes to these types of projects.

10 ) Buy more heirloom white spray paint to paint another shelving piece that looks gross…but really is just worn out.

11 ) Hang clock in Master bedroom

12 )Work on office filing situation

13 ) Organize Tax info (gag….I HATE taxes…like I’m so paranoid I’m going to mess something up every year.  I know they aren’t as bad as I think, but I just don’t ever want to make a mistake…I’m not avoiding it this year though, I’m making myself get it done and over with so I can enjoy what tax refund I get this year….ha, its going to be itty bitty if I do get one!)

14 ) Finish an organization project that has been in the works

15 ) Finally….since lets be honest we KNOW all of this will not get done this weekend…but what to do with these:

Sorry if the wallpaper scars you for life...I cannot wait to rid the kitchen of that, and the white countertops and polyurethaned cabinets....

I know…random…but Matt and I have been on a “clementine binge” of sorts.  He’s even had 4 in one day.  Apparently he is vitamin c deficient.  But I have 4 of these (yes….80 clementines in 21 days….do the math). Any suggestions as to what to do with them? I’ve been thinking about shaving off the protruding corners and make the entire top of the wooden box level/clean.  I think I would paint them too.  I’ve been thinking about making into some type of organizers in the laundry, or maybe in the office if I painted them black and used them as paper, receipt storage?  Your thoughts are welcome!  Happy Friday 🙂


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