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Home Improvement: Office to Nursery….Before

Here’s what the nursery looked like when we moved in.

I know…doesn’t show much…but the ONLY picture we have before we did anything to this room.

It then had a life for a short while as an office…for about two wonderful years 🙂

Then we found out we were pregnant… oops 🙂

And then I pulled out the paint swatch I had been holding on to for forever….

We had just removed the popcorn ceiling!

and here she is all painted! Behr

Its a vintage blue…grey and green undertones.

So that’s a little before and after….

Next up….artwork and accessories!



So again, I’ve been MIA…in a bad way.  Well…I do have a pretty good excuse this time, but it doesn’t mean I’m less horrified with myself over quite how MIA I’ve been.  I can’t tell you how many times I want to post something…and then I don’t out of sheer exhaustion (yes…that’s a hint).  The hubby will occasionally comment, “Oh, you mean the blog you used to update?”  Ouch.  But he’s right.  I apparently stink at balancing more than one thing in my life.

But….I have been busy…

Busy preparing for a little man that’s due for arrival later this year.

But I will TRY to post more often.  I have been busy after all….getting projects done.

So I’m hoping this little post will be just the right amount of encouragement to start posting again.  I do have a lot to show you after all…I mean…a few months pass and I really have gotten quite a bit done.

So – no more excuses from me.

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