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Wish List: DIY Block Letters: Success!

So its about time I had something fun to post, I’ve only been telling you about projects that I’ve been working on,  but nothing to show.  Well this little project was occupying my time in between coats on the armoire ( I know still not finished but after my 3rd 4th coat and still needing more paint) and trips to find baskets to fit in the right places.  But this is something I’ve been eyeing for awhile now, I’m so glad it is finished and I can’t wait to show you how it turned out!!

I was so excited with the results, and outside of drying time was easy peasy.  First, a look at what it began as, a door off of the entertainment repurpose project, cost ($0).

Before the wood filler....

Then I filled the holes in with wood filler (already had $0), sanded it down, and added a coat of primer (already had $0)….

Wood filler had dried, all sanded down, I then added Primer after I took this picture

….and several coats of heirloom white (alread had $0).

I found an “&” that I liked in my font library, blew it up, printed it off, cut it out and then traced it on the center. And then I painted it in a tinted black acrylic.  After everything dried I got my sandpaper out and went to town on the edges, distressing the heck out of it.  Then I pulled out some minwax stain I had left from our floor project and added little discoloration in spots.  I think the thing that made this project such a success was distressing the actual letter and making it look worn too.  I’m just so happy with how it turned out.  If you want to protect this piece, I would suggest putting a coat of poly/sealant to make sure that all the goodness you worked so hard on stays exactly where you want, but it’s certainly not necessary.  Love this piece, and you can’t beat $0.

Here she is! In a temporary home until we get our Ikea Lack shelves hung

Stay tuned for the armoire reveal, I really think I will have it finished soon.  I FINALLY found two baskets that fit, so that will help make this armoire project a reality!  So far I’ve spent a little money on paint, and hardware, totalling about $13 and I only spent $12 on the baskets so I will have a completed piece for only $25, I’m already in love with this piece and I cannot wait to show you all its final look! Have a  great week ( I won’t be posting much with the Holidays)!

I’m linking this to Metamorphosis Monday, so head on over there to check out other great transformations!


Wish List: DIY “Framed Bulletin Board”

A while back, more like two years ago, I found a bulletin board for $1 at a garage sale.  I decided I hated it after I bought it though.  I felt like it looked too much like the one I had in elementary school.  I carefully hid it in a closet keeping it in case I ever felt like getting creative.  Well, one day I visited Goodwill and I found a sizeable frame, with no picture no back…just it’s lonesome self.  I took the poor thing home for $2 knowing that a frame that size, solid wood, would be useful for something one day. 

Enter these inspiration pictures:

Image from Pottery Barn - Framed Cork Board

This cork board from Pottery Barn looked so clean and elegant, and instead of just being an eye-sore has a bit of class to it that makes it look like it fits with the rest of the decor.

Then there are these cork boards at Ballard Designs, so pretty!

Image from Ballard Designs - Cork Board

So long story short, you could easily take a bulletin board/cork board and find an inexpensive frame and create a fabulous looking bulletin board!  As you may have noticed if you clicked through the links to the websites for these boards that they ran all the way up to $300!!!  So you could save a lot of money DIYing this!  Hopefully I will have finished my armoire by the end of the week and be able to post something this weekend – it’s taken more coats of paint than expected!

Happy Friday:)

Wish List: DIY or Under $10

It’s no secret around here that I love Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballard Designs, or even Z Gallerie.   I’ve spent many hours thumbing through catalogs, earmarking pages, browsing online catalogs, or even making visits to the local Pottery Barn to pick up a swatch book, such pretty colors! My sister-in-law used to work at Pottery Barn and many of  my Christmas gifts before I even married Matt were from Pottery Barn.  Our house has hints of Pottery Barn everywhere, thanks to her kindness!    Since she no longer works there however, I’ve gone through a bit of Pottery Barn withdrawal.  But just because I can’t afford the real thing doesn’t mean I can’t afford the look.  Here’s  my first example:

Block Letter Image From Ballard Design

 I found this block letter at Ballard Design the other day, and I LOVE love love the look.  It looks so charming, I can’t help but want one.  Best thing is, these are only $8.95 at least as of yesterday!  But if you don’t want to dish out that much money, this is totally something you could DIY.  I’m actually experimenting with DIYing this as we speak (Inbetween coats on the armoire and figuring out my next step with the entertainment repurposing project).  If it turns out well, I’ll give you a tutorial on how I do it.  But this is what I’m thinking, you could take any sized board sand it, prime it, paint it, find the letter of your choice, blow it up, print it out, cut it out, trace it on the board and then paint it on to the board.  Distress it a little and add some wood stain in a few places and voila, I think you could have your own block letter for half the price- if you have materials on hand from other projects, like I do, it will be absolutely free, sweet:) 

How about you?  I’ve seen many people DIY things from Potterybarn and the like for pennies on the dollar.  Have you done any of these projects or are you eyeing anything from Ballard, PB, West Elm..etc that you would love to DIY?

Update: Piper

Friday afternoon I was able to bring Piper home.  It was an almost 2 hour trip there, and another two back, but knowing that she was in the care of such great surgeons and the incredible price, made it so worth it!  The first two nights she was pretty out of it, but starting yesterday morning we started to see our perky, hyper Piper back.  She’s a very sweet dog, but a very smart one too (Border Collies are considered the smartest dog, see here and here and here, interesting at the least!)so she knows how to work the system. She has been very content to just lay by our sides and sleep while we work on the computer (on the floor!).  But she finally started putting weight on her back knee so that’s a huge praise!  She’s still going to be on a leash for the next 2 months, but I’m sure she will soak up the extra attention.  We are so thankful for the great care she has gotten, and are excited to see her able to regain her normal activities.  She hasn’t been a big fan of the physical therapy exercises…but I think she is starting to feel the benefits as she’s been putting increasingly more weight on it.  She gets her staples out next week and I’ll be sure to update you all on her progress then!  Hope you all have a great Monday, I know on my end they aren’t exactly the easiest day of the week – but I’m thankful for another day, right? 🙂

Decor 101: Repurposing Part 3

Here’s what I came up with, mostly Ikea, so not expensive at all:Repurposing Entertainment to Storage Mood Board

1) IKEA Kassett Media Box w/lid in white.  I would get about 4 of these and find an “Eggshell Blue” Spray paint to color all of these to match the rooms decor.  If I can’t find a blue I like, I will probably leave them white for the time being, and find other ways of adding color.

2.) IKEA Kassett Paper Box w/lid in white (2 pack).  I would get just one set of these, and try to find a “wheat” colored spray paint to make these match the room.  Again, if I can’t find the right color, they will stay white until I do – unless I come up with another idea first. These would be for storage of things like sand paper, and design inspiration. they will reside above where the tv was – just enough space for two!

3.) I would like to find a fabric much like this swatch from Green House Fabrics.  I will shop my local fabric store’s remnant section to find the perfect color blend. I don’t mind if its just a robins egg blue, or dark wheat color, especially if I don’t end up painting the white.  I’m very open about how this ends up looking, it will be in a closet, so its not like it will be on full display.  I will hang this fabric on a spring/tension rod, to hide all the larger equipment (where the tv used to be).

4.) I would want a pack of these Kosing knobs from IKEA.  I would put them on the side where the dvds used to live, to hang tools and extension cords.

So that’s what I came up with over the weekend.  I can’t wait to get it done.  For the time being I am focusing my attention on the armoire, which I  bought handles for, and started painting!  Cannot wait to finish it up and show you my trash to treasure Armoire!!! 🙂  Hopefully I will have before and afters to post before the end of the week! So stay tuned! 🙂



Decor 101: Repurposing an entertainment center Part II:Progress


Piper is home safe and sound!  Poor thing looks like a french poodle (no offense to those with a french poodle, I’m just not used to my long haired border collie having no hair on her back!)

But here are the pics I promised:

First the Entertainment center before:Entertainment Center pre-repurposing

And After I emptied it and completely dismantled the parts that aren’t staying, and adjusted shelving.  Oh and please don’t judge me for the dust – I dusted as far back as people can see…okay, fine judge me! I typically love dusting….but I have no excuses!  Having pictures out for the world to see should guilt me enough to dust even where people don’t see…sigh.  Convicted.

Dusty Entertainment center...all dismantled

The plan is to sand, and paint this to-be shelving unit so that we can use it in our “tool closet” located in the guest bedroom- Please see the following which proves we NEED some organized storage:

Yes...a horrible mess, I've tried organizing it, but with no where to put it, it just gets stacked....

Another peek....

I feel like I’ve been airing my dirty laundry in this post…first dusty furniture and then **gasp** an unorganized closet! Sigh…its true, but this is a great solution to my closet “issues”.

I know I promised a mood board…but after a 4 hour drive and an 1 hour appointment, and 6 hours of work…this post will have to do as is – but I’ll work on the mood board tonight so you can enjoy it sometime this weekend –



I made some great progress on this project.  Unfortunately I left my camera cord at home this morning and can’t post pictures until tonight….so please stay tuned!  I did manage to bleach down the armoire last night too….I ended up throwing out the drawers at the bottom, however, when I discovered how moldy the one was.  Although I am a fan of penicillin after I had bronchitis a few weeks ago, I am not a fan of it on my furniture….not really what I’m going for in the house.  So the plan is to find some baskets to go below to hold dvds, cds, etc.  When I get back from picking up Piper I’ll update this post with pictures and a “mood board” for my new storage station in the guest bedroom, so excited!

Friday Favorite: Piper :)

So I haven’t talked about this at all on the blog, but three weeks ago one of our dogs, Piper, a border collie mix, injured her knee, to the point that she was yelping and crying for longer than we have ever heard her do so.  An hour after the incident (a broom fell over and startled her and she jump/slid back on our floors – yeah not nearly as dramatic as you were expecting right?) – she still wouldn’t let us touch her knee without it sounding like it was the end of the world.  We took her to the emergency vet and they told us to give it a few days to see if it was just a sprain, otherwise take her to our vet for x-rays.  Long story short…we ended up having to get surgery for her this Wednesday.  UGA offers incredible care (we’ve gotten two phone calls a day at least with updates and progress).  But today our very expensive pocket-book depleting sweetheart comes home.  I can’t wait to see this precious face. 

Miss Piper

Piper enjoying the outdoors

 I know my Friday Favorites are usually things that you all get to enjoy- but today my Friday Favorite has to be Piper, who I get to see in just a few hours! (I know I’m a sap…pure and simple…a dog lover through and through – the type that people talk about, like, who gets surgery for the dog?  Oh well – I couldn’t stand to see her walk on three legs anymore)

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