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Home Improvement: Master Bathroom Updates

Before Miles was born, I confess, I used a step-ladder.  It was only three steps high, and I was only 20ish weeks pregnant, but I used it none the less.  Miles turned out fine and I didn’t fall, I was super careful in our super tiny master bath.

Our Master bath, as I think I’ve mentioned before, is crazy small, so small that when we first looked at the house my initial reaction was, “Where’s the shower? There’s no bath tub or shower in the Master bath?!” and then I peeked behind the door to see that the door to the bathroom, when open, hides the shower from view…but it’s that small!

So its taken some time, but I’m almost done finishing up what I started in there before Miles was born.  The crown molding needed the nail holes filled and painted, as did the quarter round.  I wanted a new shower curtain and I couldn’t stand the ugly poly-oak vanity (topped with an equally despised white laminate countertop…ugh…).

Here’s a before to refresh your memory:

Master Bath Before 1

Master Bath Before 2

Stripping the wallpaper!!! Took FOREVER.  We tried DIF, the wallpaper claw, newspaper…finally…a little hand steamer did the trick.

Wallpaper goes bye bye....

After hours of patching, sanding, priming, scraping….and all of those fun DIY things….we finally had a half new bath.  Here’s what we did:

1.) Laid new peel and stick tile.

2.) Installed quarter round

3.) Removed wallpaper

4.) Removed popcorn ceiling

5.) Installed Crown Moulding

6.) Painted walls and trim

7.) Painted vanity

8.) Switched to an Ikea circular Mirror to add new dimension to a boxy room

9.) New Shower Curtain

So here are some shots of the bathroom today:

Crown Moulding

New crown moulding installed and a nice smooth ceiling.

Towel Hooks & Little Ledge Shelf

Love these yard sale finds that add so much personality to the space!

Drop Cloth Shower Curtain

While we considered adding a curtain that popped with color, due to the fact this curtain typically gets hidden by the door, I rather liked how much it blends with the wall color and I’m hoping to use some accessories (to come in the next few weeks) to add pop and personality to the space.

Here’s the bottom of the curtain (tutorial to come!):

Bottom of Shower Curtain

And finally, a look at the vanity with the new hardware and a new coat of paint (which needs a little touch up at the bottom after a bad tape job (oops).

Master Bath Vanity

A deep Espresso Brown – love the added color it brings and can I say that I don’t miss the porcelain knobs one bit!!!

Now I just need to add some finishing touches and I’ll be ready to show you my final results!  But I can’t believe what these simple changes have done to make this such a different space.


Home Improvement: Guest Bathroom Complete (for now at least)

So I’ve been secretly working on our guest bath.  I’ve wanted to do some things in there, and had never gotten around to it until recently.  The “renovation” was low cost and fairly easy, just a little time consuming.  When we get the money one day, I’d like to replace the toilet and build a new vanity.

First I replaced the linoleum…by that I mean I covered its nasty self.  I couldn’t stand how it looked, especially after Matt and I made the mistake of NOT covering the floor when we originally painted the bath over a year ago…so there was a fine mist of blue paint ALL over.  Rookie mistake #1-oops…  I went with peel and stick.  The reasoning was the reality that we had to keep in mind how much we spend in the house considering the neighborhood and how much we will get back.  Also…if we do tile I would want it to be when we take out the vanity and the toilet so I can do a thorough job.  Anyways…so I went with Peel and Stick, and consider it the EASIEST home-improvement project I have ever done.  It took about half a day and then voila, I was done.  I have to say that even if you don’t match the tiles up perfectly, you can remedy that to some degree, there were one or two tiles that weren’t 100% perfect, but I used caulk to fill in the hairline gaps and no one could tell the difference.  Considering I spent $25 on the project, I was thrilled with the results (even though the tile was a little bit more teal then I had expected it to look.

Secondly, since I had removed all of the quarter round to put the peel and stick down, I put new quarter round in, and it looks SO much better than it did before.  I guess 14 years of wear and tear will take it out of the quarter round…and this definitely freshened it up.

Third, I installed what I’m calling “faux” wainscoting.  I used 2″ by 1/4″ by 3.5′ pieces of wood to create the appearance of a raised panel, and then painted the entire space in the trim color to make it look like it was more expensive paneling.  However, now my laminate countertop looks blue?  So weird, but the warm undertones in the “paneling” is bringing out the blue in the countertop.  Se la vie…if we live here long enough that too will get changed.

Finally, I gave all of the trim a fresh coat of paint so that it matched the fresh new wainscoting.

Here are  some befores and afters!

Before straight on.

Bathroom One side (ignore duct tape that was holding the wood as my fallen wheel was drying....)

Another Side Shot

Don't you love that wallpaper???? yucko

Sink area...gosh, I was so excited to take pictures I forgot to remove the sponge....sigh

One final after (see the tile in this one!)

I love my nautical bathroom 🙂

Although far from perfect, this is one of the most finished rooms in the house, next only to the guest bedroom.  We had fun with this project though.  At least I did.  Eventually we will change the toilet, vanity and the light fixture out.  I have a light fixture that I might use (free from mom and dad)…but I’m having trouble getting the spray paint to stick properly (yes, I used primer, and yes I sanded….it keeps bubbling though…ugh.)  If I figure that one out or if I find a great deal on one at the Habitat Home Store…I’ll be quick to post about that.  Anyways…that’s my project, hope you enjoyed!  Have you done a renovation recently?  I’d love to see before and afters…their my favorite! 🙂

Linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch (head on over there for some GREAT before and afters!)

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