Once upon a time, in the hills of western Pennsylvania, I met the man of my dreams, we graduated from college fled the cold of the northeast and moved to warm and sunny Greenville, SC.  We wed in the spring and found a little house on a hill that we chose to make our starter home.  Far from perfect we took our little starter house and determined to make it our starter home, so we sweat and bled and lost sleep, and will until we turn our little starter house into our dream home.  Join us on our journey.  We bring no skills to the table, outside of our careers, I’m a graphic designer, He’s an accountant.  So at least it will be pretty and under budget, right?  We have two furry helpers whose advice is priceless, little black border collie Piper and our yellow lab Peyton too. Every project we do, every lesson learned, every recipe tried, and every failure and success will make this starter house into the perfect little home we’ve dreamed of.

the wife: I’m a twenty-something hgtv, thisyounghouse, Ikea junkie.  I graduated with a B.S. in business but upon graduation knew I was destined for more than just reading spreadsheets, more power to those that do and can, but with the concentration of a 5 year old, I much rather spend my time creating things.  I worked my way into the lead Graphic Designer position at my current employer and love the variety and the change I experience every day.  I am also obsessed with color, the sight of a color swatch makes me swoon, its true, I have yet to go into Home Depot and not at least look at the paint section, if not grab a few paint swatches…what can I say? 

the hubs: wow. the guy who swore he would never let me call him babe, that is a twenty something accountant (hey, I said I didn’t like spreadsheets, had to make sure someone didn’t mind in the relationship).  He grounds me (not in the, your in trouble Kathryn Anne, your grounded for a week kind of way, but the “he’s my rock” kind of a way) and yes babe, I did just imply that you have rock hard muscles…, if it weren’t for him I probably would have a completely renovated house and be working three jobs to pay for it….he gives me a budget and I usually drag him into my projects while painting the glorious picture of the after, neglecting all the details of the, how to get from before to after.  He dreams of having a basement and I’m pretty sure we’d both agree a bigger shower would be nice too.

the kids: no mom, not pregnant.  “the kids” are our “Parent’s in training” dogs.  They say having dogs prepares you for kids, so we have to medium sized pups that keep me busy.  They love “outside”, “foodies” and “squirrels” but fortunately are normal dogs and hate cats (sorry babe, no cats any time soon….just wouldn’t be fair to the dogs).  Their life is pretty basic meaning, why on earth are they so tired when we come home from work?  The extent of their schedule is food, outside, run with mommy (that’s me), and maybe a trip to the doggie park (I think they call it doggie heaven….lots of fun new smells….)


So I’m pretty sure that is way more than you ever would have wanted to know about me and the Starter House crew…but at least it gives you a peak at who it is behind the  blog.


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