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Update: Post-Christmas

So, I apologize, I’d been doing so well posting.  And then I became the next victim of our economy, haha.  The company I design for shut down the week before Christmas (yeah, Merry Christmas with a red bow on top…what?).  I’ve been rushing around getting applications/resume out and updating my portfolio with what files I was able to get before packing up my desk – I hated leaving my blog alone for so long, but I needed to focus on getting my ducks in a row.  I HAVE been able to work on some projects, a way to deal with some of my stress I think – and I cannot wait to share them with you.  In the meantime, anyone need a graphic designer? 🙂


Decor 101: Christmas time is here….

Christmas time was always magical to me as a child.  I always got very dreamy around this time of year and often would look out my bedroom window staring at the snow as it fell, practically dancing in the moonlight.  It is important to me on many levels, the first being my faith, the second the closeness to my family, and also because of the spirit of grace & giving that Christmas should exude!  So this time of year always brings me back to those feelings I had as a child and I get rather giddy about the little things.  My favorite tradition was putting up the tree.  I still remember the first Christmas I got to help put the tree up (we had fake growing up because I was allergic to pine trees…thank goodness I grew out of that allergy!).  Eventually it grew into helping with the lights etc – so again this year when Matt & I put up the tree, all my memories came flooding back and I thought of the many times I had helped my dad check the strings of light! Goodness I could write a book about my Christmas memories…so without further ado…here are a few shots of Matt & I’s Christmas decorations.  We’ve been enjoying the tree lights and the aromas (Matt even turned the lights out last night so the Christmas tree would be the only thing on!)  They may not be spectacular but we love them! (Matt wanted to make sure I pointed out the tradition of “snow” that he has asked to continue in our family)  I’m going to write a post on it soon – but enjoy the lovely close ups 🙂

Christmas Snow...Campbell style

The jingle bells are from the dollar tree!

The front entry way all decked's hoping the dogs don't knock the vase over!

That’s it for now…I might update with some pictures at night.  And watch for the post on snow!

I’m linking this to the Christmas tree party at Thrifty Decor Chick, although I am quite positive there are much more impressive trees out there, I’m just curious if anyone else has done this snow thing my husband so loves:)

Decor 101: Ikea Lack Shelves…

I mentioned a day or so ago that my Ikea shelves were up-I wasn’t blogging back when I went to Ikea last (the closest one is Charlotte, a good hour and forty five minutes away!) but I think it was June – yes 6 months later the shelves that have been sitting in my dinning room, are now finally up.  My husband kindly gave me $200 to spend at Ikea, any way I wanted.  Can I say heaven on earth?! 🙂  But during that trip the thing I wanted the most, were the white Lack shelves.  Somehow I fit them into my friend’s Nissan Altima….still don’t know how that happened, but so thankful!

Well – here’s the long awaited picture of them!

Definitely needs some rearranging - but I'm so happy they are up!

You can’t tell in this picture…but they aren’t exactly centered  (Not exactly…more like, not even close, I know!) But we wanted as many of the screws to get into studs as we could so that it would be better able to hold weight.   We plan on putting a display of frames to the right of the shelves, as my dear husband said yesterday, “It’s not like we don’t have  enough frames around the house to fill up that spot”…sadly, I think he’s right, but I still might need to snag a few more from Goodwill! (You didn’t read that honey!) 🙂  I still want to cover the books so they look a little more cohesive and I definitely need to ween a few things out so it doesn’t look cramped, but that will come with time I think.

Here are some closer details:

This is my collection of corks, I just started collecting, but I think they are so pretty – I just had to display them!

Gold tray will be painted and weathered - and the votive holders will have votives in them eventually.

This is one of my recent goodwill finds.  I heart goodwill.  I found a set of TWO. 8) Sweet. And they were only .50 a pop. Whoot Whoot! I filled one with moss balls that I had registered for when Matt & I tied the knot way back when in April 2008.  I love it!

This was one of my DIY projects where I reused a cabinet door from an old entertainment center.  Still love this piece.

Lots more to be done, but so happy with how this one turned out! 🙂

Sensational Finds!: Goodwill Trip

Last weekend I meandered over to our local Goodwill just to see if they had anything I couldn’t live without.  I didn’t hold my breath -this Goodwill had let me down many a time.  It literally has only three isles of home decor, kids toys, etc.  That’s it.  My mom’s Goodwill on the other hand, has something like 10 isles of pure bliss, and then little displays of “new” home decor items throughout.  Oh well – I suppose I could drive a few more minutes to get to another one that might be a tad bit larger. Anyways, I’m getting side tracked.  So I went to Goodwill – I found two identical baskets that I thought I could use for the master bath with a little paint and some fabric liners, a little plate or photo holder, and then these adorable little cups/urns, I really don’t know what they are.  But when I saw them, I knew I had to have them.  They were only .50 each, ahhh, Goodwill you earned a little of my favor back.

The baskets will take some time to get where I want, but here’s an in process picture:

The photo plate holder has no occupation at the moment, although it will get painted one day and it will have a job, I just don’t know what yet, but it was only .50, so I thought it would be a nice way to display something. No picture for this one…a picture holder just isn’t exciting until it is holding something!

As for these beautiful little urns, I had to separate them.  The one I just knew would fit my need for something to readily store pens and scissors in for the kitchen.  I thought this added some nice flair to it, not just your ordinary pen holder?  I love it!

Please don't judge my wallpaper...or my white countertop...they are there against my will

And the other one, I filled it up with some green moss balls I had registered for when Matt and I got married.  It’s on display on my Ikea shelves as we speak.  perfect.

So there you have my Goodwill finds, and it only left me with $4.50 less than what I started with, not so bad:)

What about you all?  Do you love your Goodwill or does your local one just not show you any love?  Or have you found any to die for finds at a Goodwill lately?  Do share!

Weekend Recap: Phew!

So I would like to start this post with an apology.  My stinky unreliable camera died again this weekend.  I need to go get more batteries, I swear the thing is on a massive AA battery binge….they last a week! So that’s the reason why no further posts were up- but that only means that this week will be crammed full – I promise I will buy batteries, TODAY! 🙂

I bet you all are wondering how I did on my list?  I actually made progress.  Not as much as I would like, but lets just say I have a dinning room again – I’m so happy to have it all cleaned up!  Here’s how I did this weekend:

1) Bloom Super Double Coupons (WHOOHOO!) Had fun with this, spent $13, but got about $50 worth of groceries!

2) Quarter Round (husband promised by Christmas Eve it will be DONE!)

3) Work on Repurpose of our old entertainment center Progress made!  It did not fit in the closet in whole form, so lets just say I dismantled the thing and started putting parts of it back in the closet.  Almost finished with it, so hopefully I will have pictures to post this week.  I also pulled aside a few pieces for a new project down the road! That project will have to be “put to bed” for the time being hint hint.

4) Hang Ikea Shelves Whoohooo! They are finally up, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! (And my dear husband who did most of the hanging!!) I have some things on them, I think I may have too much, but hopefully pictures this week in a post!)

5)Plant Daffodil bulbs ( I know I’m behind!)

6.) Fill our picture frames (Not even kidding, I have like 10-12 frames that are hung, or displayed with no pictures) I filled 5, can that count?

7.) Deep Clean & Organize at least two roomsMy dining room and guest bath are almost completely back to normal!

8.) Finish painting Bathroom Vanity

9) Finish painting Bathroom trim.

10) Pick up Matt’s Christmas gift supplies! (Can’t wait to show you!)

11) Pick up supplies to frame bathroom mirror

12) Spray paint bathroom light fixture. So I definitely did this, only I discovered that I did NOT like heirloom white for this project.  I definitely need  to stick with the crisp white in the rest of the room – it looked dingy next to everything else.  So I’m afraid I’m going to have to redo this one!  I did get a few other things spray painted too though – so I won’t count this a total loss:)

I also stopped by Garden Ridge to finish off my entry way table (bought one more basket); Goodwill where I picked up some goodies (watch for post); I made peppermint bark, and finished up Christmas decorations. 

Oh and I finished my second Half Marathon too!  I did not beat my personal best, but considering it is the most hilly course I have run in my entire life I was happy with the time I had, about 6 minutes over my last half – I also had to tie my shoelaces two times, had a side stitch that lasted for 1.5 miles, and my knee started acting up (thank you hills) – so all hindrances aside – I’m happy with the result.  Not sure if I would ever do that half again – I might just stick with the beach ones I usually do.  Still it was fun, and Matt was super sweet to drive me up to Charlotte at 5 in the morning. 

We celebrated the day with a trip to City Range – a local steakhouse, thanks to a gift certificate someone gave me for doing freelance work.  We enjoyed the treat very much and finished the night off going to see “The Blind Side”.  Highly recommend it – one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, and probably my favorite Sandra Bullock movie, hands down. 

So that was my weekend – hope you all had a great one!

Weekend Forecast: Projects & Half

This weekend is going to be a busy one!  In light of this fact I decided to use one of my last vacation days to get a breather.  I’ve been literally swamped at work.  Worked through lunches, stayed late, gotten to work early – I need a day were I can force myself to take a chill pill:)  So that will be so nice – especially since Saturday is my half-marathon!  I can’t believe it’s already here! 

In addition to the half, I plan on getting a few things done:

1) Bloom Super Double Coupons (WHOOHOO!) 🙂

2) Quarter Round

3) Work on Repurpose of our old entertainment center

4) Hang Ikea Shelves

5)Plant Daffodil bulbs ( I know I’m behind!)

6) Fill our picture frames (Not even kidding, I have like 10-12 frames that are hung, or displayed with no pictures)

7) Deep Clean & Organize at least two rooms

8) Finish painting Bathroom Vanity

9) Finish painting Bathroom trim.

10) Pick up Matt’s Christmas gift supplies! (Can’t wait to show you!)

11) Pick up supplies to frame bathroom mirror

12) Spray paint bathroom light fixture.

Yeah, I know, it won’t all happen, but if I can get a few of them done maybe I will have pictures to show for it:)  I have a HUGE list to get done before Mom & Dad get here for New Years – I know they won’t care either way, but I lik having goals to set, and this just happens to be one of them:)

A Small Milestone!

As of right now I’ve passed a thousand views!  I know, big whoopity do.  It’s a big deal to me though and I’m so excited that there are people out there that have read even a few of my posts!  When I reach my goal of 5K views I’ll be posting my first giveaway- so stay tuned.  I’ve got a few more posts in the works this week (I know I’ve been less than faithful in posting this past week).  So stay tuned.  The dear husband and I put up the tree on Saturday, and once I clear out the mayhem that painting the armoire in the dinning room caused, I should have some holiday decor to show off:)  Also just finished hanging some new pictures in some frames that I got at a church rummage sale.  AND I have an amazing Goodwill find over Thanksgiving break that I cannot wait to share with you all, lets just say that it makes me want my Mom’s Goodwill to be transplanted from Ohio down to good ole South Carolina!  So lots of exciting posts to come, I’ve just got to hunker down and write them in between the freelance work, trying to clean my house, feed my husband, work, and finish training for my half, well, I’m pretty much done training, it’s this Saturday! (acck! not as ready for this one as the last, but here’s hoping I can survive it in under 2 hours.  I’ve never not beat a personal best during a race, so I think I would be pretty bummed if I couldn’t beat my last time, but considering Swine Flu put me back 3 weeks in training, ugh, I should be happy to just run it, right?)  Se la vie.  Well have a wonderful Wednesday, and a warm thank you to all the lovely readers who have read even just one of my posts, I hope you enjoyed:)

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