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Decor 101: My Ballard Design Artwork Knock Off

SO I got my latest issue of Ballard Designs and saw these beautiful paintings

Ballard Designs, Custom Soliloquy Giclee Prints (Photo from Ballard Designs)

…and just so happened to have two blank, waiting to be painted panels just sitting around from some past projects.  So the little artist in me was itching to get out and I decided, what the heck, why not.  I don’t mind saving some money and I could really use some new artwork for the living room above the couches and I just loved these paintings from Ballard.

The end result is definitely different than theirs, but I’m loving how the artwork came out.  They look so much better in person, but I couldn’t get my white balance quite perfect so the pictures look a little yellower than I would like and a lot of he detail got lost.  Oh well.

Ballard Knock Offs


Decor 101: NEW Artful Repurpose of a Cabinet Door

SO back here I repurposed a cabinet door into a delightful typographical piece of art reminiscent of what you would find at Pottery Barn and Ballard designs.  And just recently took two more of the doors from that old entertainment center and made this headboard… so with the last cabinet door I made one final piece of artwork.  John & Sherry at YoungHouseLove inspired me to try printing the art and adhering it to the surface instead of painting it…and here are the results after sanding, painting, glueing, waiting, some artistic additions thanks to my favorite minwax stain, and a tad more sanding:

The lighting is making it look a tad more shiny than I would like, but I love how it turned out!

Next to the bed....notice the same colored walls throughout the house...can't wait to add color!!!

Can’t wait to show you all what new storage solutions I added to the Master bath yesterday….courtesy of a nice day outside (at last)!  Also have some other great projects coming up that I recently finished.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

I’m linking this to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land:

Do It Yourself Day

Enjoy all the creative projects over there! 🙂

Friday Favorite: frame the [date]

It’s another Friday and I am trying really hard to find new things out there that I love or new companies that are offering cool services or products so I can give them a blog shout out on their behalf….  So I was over at Young House Love and they just gave away these gorgeous prints.  If I weren’t so cheap I would buy one…but I can’t afford one on the decorating budget I have right now :(.  I might try DIYing my own version in all of my free time (does that even exist anymore..I can’t remember the last time I did a fun little project like that) until I can afford one in that simply irresistable barnwood, I can’t stop thinking about it!  Sigh…so lovely.

But let me just cut to the chase, they are called frame the [date], and they offer your favorite date(s) and/or picture in black and white in these simply stunning frames.  They even let you pick your numbers from all the ones they have loaded, which makes it so much more fun! Maybe my darling hubby will buy me one for Christmas?  Speaking of, what a great Christmas gift idea, to offer someone a special and unique gift that really shows you care!  I think they are fabulous and wish I had come up with the idea, they are just gorgeous and well put together. Love Love Love it….that’s why its my Friday Favorite!

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