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Campbell Life: It’s Wolverine Hunting Season…

We might live in the south…but we are most definitely Buckeye fans, from football country.  And its Wolverine Hunting Season…well…will be by the 27th of November for THE big Ohio State versus Michigan game.

Dear Baby Campbell….please do not delay your birth until that day…

But this is a peek at what our poor dogs look like on OSU game days….Piper hates it and usually gets it off within the first hour….Peyton hardly notices its on there.

Peyton in his OSU gear...go Buckeyes!

Anyway…I know short…but just a little peek into our household 🙂


Home Improvement: Nursery Decor….

So you’ve seen what it looked like before, well, you saw one photo of a very uninteresting wall, and were fortunately spared of ever seeing the “eclectic” – think that is the nicest term to use- office space it once was.  Now its turning into adorable – at least this almost mama thinks so.

Here’s some artwork I made to go over the changing table, and the matching red baskets I found to create some extra storage:

Some "Vintage" pictures I painted for above the changing table. Love it.

You like?  I’m in love with how its coming together.

Home Improvement: Office to Nursery….Before

Here’s what the nursery looked like when we moved in.

I know…doesn’t show much…but the ONLY picture we have before we did anything to this room.

It then had a life for a short while as an office…for about two wonderful years 🙂

Then we found out we were pregnant… oops 🙂

And then I pulled out the paint swatch I had been holding on to for forever….

We had just removed the popcorn ceiling!

and here she is all painted! Behr

Its a vintage blue…grey and green undertones.

So that’s a little before and after….

Next up….artwork and accessories!


So again, I’ve been MIA…in a bad way.  Well…I do have a pretty good excuse this time, but it doesn’t mean I’m less horrified with myself over quite how MIA I’ve been.  I can’t tell you how many times I want to post something…and then I don’t out of sheer exhaustion (yes…that’s a hint).  The hubby will occasionally comment, “Oh, you mean the blog you used to update?”  Ouch.  But he’s right.  I apparently stink at balancing more than one thing in my life.

But….I have been busy…

Busy preparing for a little man that’s due for arrival later this year.

But I will TRY to post more often.  I have been busy after all….getting projects done.

So I’m hoping this little post will be just the right amount of encouragement to start posting again.  I do have a lot to show you after all…I mean…a few months pass and I really have gotten quite a bit done.

So – no more excuses from me.

More Pics of the Dining Room Table (& Chairs!)

Here are a few more shots of the dining room table and the chairs.  I’m estatic with how it turned out – LOVE it!  It got broken in today with some family guests too!

Full shot...

Closer up....

Again a big thank you to Ana at Knock Off Wood!

Knock Off Wood

Dining Room Table

I’m a huge fan of….one of my favorite sites to visit.  Last week I went to Home Depot and bought lumber to build my second piece.  This is by far in the running for my favorite piece of furniture – my armoire might win out just because I found it on the side of the road and I was able to make it look brand spanking new…but I love my new dining room table.  I should have posted in progress pics…but due to some mega pregnancy exhaustion…I was well, too lazy to take pictures.  Here’s my new baby:

My NEW Dining Room Table

And here are pics of the chairs we got on Craigslist for, oh, $60…they came with a table, but we asked them to just donate it to Miracle Hill.

Giving the Chairs a coat of Heirloom White

I’ll have some final before and after’s to show you once my house gets cleaned up….if only I had a battery pack of energy!  Hopefully the fact that Matt’s Aunt and Uncle are coming for lunch tomorrow, will serve as motivation…here’s hoping:)

Friday’s Favorite: THE Furminator…

Once upon a time we decided to get a little puppy.  That said puppy grew into a dog.  We then bought another dog for said dog to be said dog’s friend.  Two dogs + Rain + Carolina Clay = stained carpet no matter how many times I wiped those paws.  So we got rid of carpet, put in laminate floors…and thought that are pet problems were gone. Not.  Now the story takes a twist when we discovered just how much our dogs shed. Yes, they shed. A lot.  Whats worse is we were brilliant in picking a black dog and a yellow dogs…so no matter what surface or choice of clothing we make/have….you can tell we have pets.  You can see the hair about 15 minutes after I sweep and mop.  Sigh.  I love dogs…but not the extras.  So it was time to call in reinforcements…there was only one thing I could think of that would do the drink….THE Furminator!  Wow is it expensive…like, I wouldn’t spend that much on my own hair brushes, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Brushing the dogs with the Furminator has really helped take the shedding down a notch, and not to gross you out, but take a look what this thing takes off of my 38 lb border collie mix! 

So, that’s why today, the Furminator is my Friday Favorite. Because less hair on my dogs, means less on my floor.

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