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Home Improvement: Off with the Ceiling

Three weeks before my little man Miles made his entrance into the world, his daddy and I got the crazy idea to strip the popcorn ceilings in the living room (which has been falling off for three years!), kitchen, dining room and hallways.  Perhaps not the best project to undertake when you are practically popping at 9 months pregnant…oh well.  SO worth it.  We had put off painting the house because we knew we’d have to take the ceilings down one day, and we knew it would be a mess, so we decided the walls would wait until the ceiling was done.  So you can imagine my bliss when I finally was able to paint those drab walls and make them shine with color. Oh. Happy. Day.  🙂

Here’s some befores:

Before: Ceiling

Before: Taking it down

Our work table as we worked on our massive project.

Plastic Sheeting in Living Room

Almost Done

After: Dining Room

After: Dining Room #2

Peyton Enjoying his sunspot in the the newly painted living room!

so pretty

We’re in love with the results! SO glad we did it!


My little man…

Here’s a look at the new man in my life…who new you could love someone so much!?

I know I’m biased…but isn’t he the cutest!?

New Years Resolutions and Project Goals

This past month, while I intended to post frequently during my Maternity Leave, turned out to be quite the uh, lets say “adventure”?  I had my sweet baby boy on November 20th, a dream labor, delivery, everything.  A week later I was back at the hospital hemorrhaging – after that scary stint I was for sure I was done with the whole hospital stay…only to land BACK at the hospital again at the end of December because my appendix called it quits.  So, I’ve been busy recovering, rather constantly, for the past few weeks…but since I am still not allowed to lift over 10 lbs and am supposed to find time to rest frequently, I decided to take a few minutes to finally post something to my dear little neglected blog.

I know everyone is posting about their New Year Resolutions – so I figured I’d share some of mine:

1.) “Bite” My Nail Biting Habit – I have a little boy who will be looking up to me as an example, and this disgusting habit, and embarassing one I might add, is not one I would relish sharing with Miles. So this is a top priority.

2.) Blog at least once a week.  I really would like to post more, but I need to start small and I know I can handle 52 blog posts a year – lets hope that being a new mommy, working part-time, and trying to jump start my etsy shop won’t hinder this too much.

3.) Make my relationship with the Lord the priority it should be.  Since graduating from college I’ve let my relationship with the Lord take the back burner, and clearly this just doesn’t work well, and Matt and I both are going to read through the Bible entirely this year so here’s to a little extra accountability.

4.) Organize and Clean out each room and closet so that it is maintainable.  Hopefully I will post room/closet by room/closet, and show how I’m doing it, and this time next year we can discuss its success or failure?

5.)  Landscape the yard, put in a brick path from the sidwalk to the back yard, add some flower beds around the trees and add a permanent perimeter around the current beds so they are easier to maintain aesthetically.

6.) Build a window seat with storage for the living room window and for the office window, perhaps for Miles room too.

7.) Build two leaning ladder bookcases

8.) Use our receipt system and budget

9.) Make/DIY artwork for above the couches and above the sideboard

10.) Take pictures of Miles every month

11.) Lose 15-20 lbs (depends on how much I weigh now, which I’m too reluctant to find out yet, but I’m pretty sure they will make me at my 6 week OB appointment this week – UGH)

12.) Run at least a half marathon – not sure if I can train for a Marathon this year, maybe next year.


Be nice….but don’t have to do:

13.) Build office furniture so Matt and I can both work in the office at the same time

14.) Build  a new bed and fix bedroom armoire

15.) Paint the kitchen cupboards

16.) Install new countertop

17.) Paint and/or replace the fridge

18.) Start a blog about how to “buy” nice presents for next to nothing….any interest and I might try?


I think that’s good for now 😉

Here’s to a new year with lots of “little” projects!

Campbell Life: It’s Wolverine Hunting Season…

We might live in the south…but we are most definitely Buckeye fans, from football country.  And its Wolverine Hunting Season…well…will be by the 27th of November for THE big Ohio State versus Michigan game.

Dear Baby Campbell….please do not delay your birth until that day…

But this is a peek at what our poor dogs look like on OSU game days….Piper hates it and usually gets it off within the first hour….Peyton hardly notices its on there.

Peyton in his OSU gear...go Buckeyes!

Anyway…I know short…but just a little peek into our household 🙂

Dining Room Table

I’m a huge fan of….one of my favorite sites to visit.  Last week I went to Home Depot and bought lumber to build my second piece.  This is by far in the running for my favorite piece of furniture – my armoire might win out just because I found it on the side of the road and I was able to make it look brand spanking new…but I love my new dining room table.  I should have posted in progress pics…but due to some mega pregnancy exhaustion…I was well, too lazy to take pictures.  Here’s my new baby:

My NEW Dining Room Table

And here are pics of the chairs we got on Craigslist for, oh, $60…they came with a table, but we asked them to just donate it to Miracle Hill.

Giving the Chairs a coat of Heirloom White

I’ll have some final before and after’s to show you once my house gets cleaned up….if only I had a battery pack of energy!  Hopefully the fact that Matt’s Aunt and Uncle are coming for lunch tomorrow, will serve as motivation…here’s hoping:)

Campbell Life: My “bucket list”

So about 6 years ago, as I was graduating from high school and entering my freshman year in college, I decided to make a list of things that I wanted to do before I died or could no longer do them.  While I will not go into all of the different items….I thought I would mention a few.

10) Run a mile in under 8 minutes (I accomplished this for the first time in 2004)

While this may not seem like that big of a deal…since I run half-marathons now…back in 2003, I HATED running.  I still hated it in 2004….but I was running on treadmills at this point, and 10 minute miles were still torture.  I had been on the soccer team in highschool and had not enjoyed our lap running at all and was determined that I would one day be able to run a mile in under 8 minutes.

8) Go mountain  climbing (indoor our outdoor)

Hmmm…have NOT done that.  I tried in college once, but plans fell through.  Se la vie…

13) Make a baked Alaska.

Call my crazy, but for whatever reason, I have been FACINATED with making a baked alaska since I was little.  I remember hearing about them and I was in awe of them.  So I really wanted to make one – I have not as of yet.  But I’m putting it on my list of things to do this year.  I think it will be fun.

19) Have a dog named rover.

I love dogs… but I’m sad to say unless I decide to give my dogs middle names…I am way over the name rover.  What was I thinking????

17) Sing the national anthem at a baseball game or OSU game

Hmm…this one might be out of reach….but who knows?

Now I really did have more important goals on my list, but some of them are really close to my heart and I wouldn’t want to share them… I’ve accomplished 13 out of 34 so far.  I add every so often when I think of something really important…but I haven’t in a while since (like I added half-marathon a while back – and have since accomplished that). Anyways…do any of you have a bucket list?

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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