Close Ups – Headboard

Well…I’d hoped that by now I would be showing you new pics of the guest bathroom…..but alas….its taken me more time to sand and paint then expected…but I suppose you all are no worse for the wear since I didn’t tell you what I was working on.  ha.  cats out of the bag though oh and we have company coming tomorrow…so between you all and the company the pressure is on to finish it.  It’s close.  Really.  I just am not a detail person when it comes to these things.  I’m great at 95% of the work….but the last 5% has always been a struggle…especially when it comes to paint.  Anyways…I promised to post some closer pics of the headboard… here they are 🙂

Close up of the fabric and wood finishes

The two doors stacked on top of each other.

Back View

You can see my two supports that I used (which also reinforced the whole structure, as I did put down some brackets to connect the two doors, but the two long boards really helped make this go from pretty secure, to 100% not going anywhere anytime soon secure).

Lovely Stapling...

I guess I’m lucky because I was an art student…I had to stretch my own canvas on stretcher boards and this taught me an art that translates over into making anything that is padded and stapled 🙂  That part was actually the easiest part of the whole project!

Just to give you an idea of how far out the padding comes

Anyways…that’s hopefully a better look at how I put this together. 🙂

Happy Friday 🙂


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