Weekend Recap: Phew!

So I would like to start this post with an apology.  My stinky unreliable camera died again this weekend.  I need to go get more batteries, I swear the thing is on a massive AA battery binge….they last a week! So that’s the reason why no further posts were up- but that only means that this week will be crammed full – I promise I will buy batteries, TODAY! 🙂

I bet you all are wondering how I did on my list?  I actually made progress.  Not as much as I would like, but lets just say I have a dinning room again – I’m so happy to have it all cleaned up!  Here’s how I did this weekend:

1) Bloom Super Double Coupons (WHOOHOO!) Had fun with this, spent $13, but got about $50 worth of groceries!

2) Quarter Round (husband promised by Christmas Eve it will be DONE!)

3) Work on Repurpose of our old entertainment center Progress made!  It did not fit in the closet in whole form, so lets just say I dismantled the thing and started putting parts of it back in the closet.  Almost finished with it, so hopefully I will have pictures to post this week.  I also pulled aside a few pieces for a new project down the road! That project will have to be “put to bed” for the time being hint hint.

4) Hang Ikea Shelves Whoohooo! They are finally up, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! (And my dear husband who did most of the hanging!!) I have some things on them, I think I may have too much, but hopefully pictures this week in a post!)

5)Plant Daffodil bulbs ( I know I’m behind!)

6.) Fill our picture frames (Not even kidding, I have like 10-12 frames that are hung, or displayed with no pictures) I filled 5, can that count?

7.) Deep Clean & Organize at least two roomsMy dining room and guest bath are almost completely back to normal!

8.) Finish painting Bathroom Vanity

9) Finish painting Bathroom trim.

10) Pick up Matt’s Christmas gift supplies! (Can’t wait to show you!)

11) Pick up supplies to frame bathroom mirror

12) Spray paint bathroom light fixture. So I definitely did this, only I discovered that I did NOT like heirloom white for this project.  I definitely need  to stick with the crisp white in the rest of the room – it looked dingy next to everything else.  So I’m afraid I’m going to have to redo this one!  I did get a few other things spray painted too though – so I won’t count this a total loss:)

I also stopped by Garden Ridge to finish off my entry way table (bought one more basket); Goodwill where I picked up some goodies (watch for post); I made peppermint bark, and finished up Christmas decorations. 

Oh and I finished my second Half Marathon too!  I did not beat my personal best, but considering it is the most hilly course I have run in my entire life I was happy with the time I had, about 6 minutes over my last half – I also had to tie my shoelaces two times, had a side stitch that lasted for 1.5 miles, and my knee started acting up (thank you hills) – so all hindrances aside – I’m happy with the result.  Not sure if I would ever do that half again – I might just stick with the beach ones I usually do.  Still it was fun, and Matt was super sweet to drive me up to Charlotte at 5 in the morning. 

We celebrated the day with a trip to City Range – a local steakhouse, thanks to a gift certificate someone gave me for doing freelance work.  We enjoyed the treat very much and finished the night off going to see “The Blind Side”.  Highly recommend it – one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, and probably my favorite Sandra Bullock movie, hands down. 

So that was my weekend – hope you all had a great one!


1 Response to “Weekend Recap: Phew!”

  1. 1 Struggler December 28, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    I found you via the Lettered Cottage’s party.
    Just wanted to say I’m speechless at your weekend to-do list and am so impressed with all you achieved! On the 2 occasions I’ve done a half marathon, I’ve basically written off the whole weekend whereas you were still ultra-productive 🙂

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