A Small Milestone!

As of right now I’ve passed a thousand views!  I know, big whoopity do.  It’s a big deal to me though and I’m so excited that there are people out there that have read even a few of my posts!  When I reach my goal of 5K views I’ll be posting my first giveaway- so stay tuned.  I’ve got a few more posts in the works this week (I know I’ve been less than faithful in posting this past week).  So stay tuned.  The dear husband and I put up the tree on Saturday, and once I clear out the mayhem that painting the armoire in the dinning room caused, I should have some holiday decor to show off:)  Also just finished hanging some new pictures in some frames that I got at a church rummage sale.  AND I have an amazing Goodwill find over Thanksgiving break that I cannot wait to share with you all, lets just say that it makes me want my Mom’s Goodwill to be transplanted from Ohio down to good ole South Carolina!  So lots of exciting posts to come, I’ve just got to hunker down and write them in between the freelance work, trying to clean my house, feed my husband, work, and finish training for my half, well, I’m pretty much done training, it’s this Saturday! (acck! not as ready for this one as the last, but here’s hoping I can survive it in under 2 hours.  I’ve never not beat a personal best during a race, so I think I would be pretty bummed if I couldn’t beat my last time, but considering Swine Flu put me back 3 weeks in training, ugh, I should be happy to just run it, right?)  Se la vie.  Well have a wonderful Wednesday, and a warm thank you to all the lovely readers who have read even just one of my posts, I hope you enjoyed:)


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