Friday Favorite: Piper :)

So I haven’t talked about this at all on the blog, but three weeks ago one of our dogs, Piper, a border collie mix, injured her knee, to the point that she was yelping and crying for longer than we have ever heard her do so.  An hour after the incident (a broom fell over and startled her and she jump/slid back on our floors – yeah not nearly as dramatic as you were expecting right?) – she still wouldn’t let us touch her knee without it sounding like it was the end of the world.  We took her to the emergency vet and they told us to give it a few days to see if it was just a sprain, otherwise take her to our vet for x-rays.  Long story short…we ended up having to get surgery for her this Wednesday.  UGA offers incredible care (we’ve gotten two phone calls a day at least with updates and progress).  But today our very expensive pocket-book depleting sweetheart comes home.  I can’t wait to see this precious face. 

Miss Piper

Piper enjoying the outdoors

 I know my Friday Favorites are usually things that you all get to enjoy- but today my Friday Favorite has to be Piper, who I get to see in just a few hours! (I know I’m a sap…pure and simple…a dog lover through and through – the type that people talk about, like, who gets surgery for the dog?  Oh well – I couldn’t stand to see her walk on three legs anymore)


2 Responses to “Friday Favorite: Piper :)”

  1. 1 Janis in Scotland November 13, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    I hope Piper is okay – bet she is missing you madly. Hubby and I have 4 cats and they are my babies. One of them has diabetes and we – well when I say we, I actually mean my husband – has to inject her twice a day.

    Keep it coming with the updates on Piper – I’m sure she could do with a big hug and some nice doggy nibbles.


  2. 2 Katy November 16, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Thank you so much for your kind post! She is doing well, and so happy to be home! She’s been so good, putting up with being in her crate for so long – but with that kind of investment we are following the vet’s orders to the T! I’m hoping to update today – so stay tuned! My Uncle’s cat had diabetes and I really respect all the love and effort it takes to give the shots! My little brother actually has had Juvenile Diabetes since he was 5 so I’m very familiar with the shot thing – as it was a part of my life since I was 7, so 18 years now! I don’t know if I could do it myself! But as you all have exemplified, and from what I know, we are always able to do what we thought we couldn’t, for that which we love! Thanks for sharing:)

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