Decor 101: Repurposing an entertainment center Part II:Progress


Piper is home safe and sound!  Poor thing looks like a french poodle (no offense to those with a french poodle, I’m just not used to my long haired border collie having no hair on her back!)

But here are the pics I promised:

First the Entertainment center before:Entertainment Center pre-repurposing

And After I emptied it and completely dismantled the parts that aren’t staying, and adjusted shelving.  Oh and please don’t judge me for the dust – I dusted as far back as people can see…okay, fine judge me! I typically love dusting….but I have no excuses!  Having pictures out for the world to see should guilt me enough to dust even where people don’t see…sigh.  Convicted.

Dusty Entertainment center...all dismantled

The plan is to sand, and paint this to-be shelving unit so that we can use it in our “tool closet” located in the guest bedroom- Please see the following which proves we NEED some organized storage:

Yes...a horrible mess, I've tried organizing it, but with no where to put it, it just gets stacked....

Another peek....

I feel like I’ve been airing my dirty laundry in this post…first dusty furniture and then **gasp** an unorganized closet! Sigh…its true, but this is a great solution to my closet “issues”.

I know I promised a mood board…but after a 4 hour drive and an 1 hour appointment, and 6 hours of work…this post will have to do as is – but I’ll work on the mood board tonight so you can enjoy it sometime this weekend –



I made some great progress on this project.  Unfortunately I left my camera cord at home this morning and can’t post pictures until tonight….so please stay tuned!  I did manage to bleach down the armoire last night too….I ended up throwing out the drawers at the bottom, however, when I discovered how moldy the one was.  Although I am a fan of penicillin after I had bronchitis a few weeks ago, I am not a fan of it on my furniture….not really what I’m going for in the house.  So the plan is to find some baskets to go below to hold dvds, cds, etc.  When I get back from picking up Piper I’ll update this post with pictures and a “mood board” for my new storage station in the guest bedroom, so excited!


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