Decor 101: Repurposing an Entertainment Center Part 1: The Plan

So tonight I start to clean up this baby, which means by the end of this weekend, my old “entertainment” center…will need to be moved out.  My first thought was to put this $25 purchase from two years ago…out on the curb for free (I had started to paint the side….and never finished) and list it as such on craigslist.  But then I was struck by inspiration.  This piece of “junk” could be repurposed in another area of my house – how dare I throw it to the curb.  The Campbell residence is absolutely anything but brimming with storage, in fact all of our tools and such find their home in our guest closet – in cubes I used in college, embarassing, I know, I’m hanging my head in shame at this very moment.  So I’ve decided that not only will my new entertainment armoire get a face lift, I’m going to completely gut the old one and make it into a custom closet shelving system.  Here’s the the plan:

1.) Take off the ugly plastic casters

2.) remove all of the doors

3.) caulk all the gaps that reveal that this bad boy is really just particle board pieced together by a novice.

4.) Sand it to roughen up the surface

5.) Prime it

6) Attach 3-6 knobs for hanging storage (prime those too)

7) Buy a tension “curtain” rod to cover one of the larger spaces

8) Buy boxes/baskets for storage in some of the odd spaces

9) Final coat of paint….color to be determined. I can’t decide because I’m pretty sure in a year or so when we start trying for kids (maybe…we haven’t really decided on the timeline for that quite yet) I would want to use this piece in the nursery, but I suppose I can always repaint!

That’s the breakdown.  Tomorrow I’ll provide a picture, a modified picture of what I would like to do, a picture of the current storage situation in the guest bedroom and also a breakdown of what I’ve done with the armoire that will take this entertainment center’s place.


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