Sensational Find: An armoire in need of a little “amore”?

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a gift for finding lost and lonely things in need of TLC.  Remember Lola (I may not have mentioned her name earlier…we got tired of calling her “it” and “she”….) well….never fear, I’m trying really, REALLY hard not to find anymore strays.  We had to take Lola to the Humane Society last week because we had no luck finding her a home:(….I may or may not have called Matt a dog killer the entire way to the shelter.  I start calling this week to make sure they don’t put her down.  But I am getting side-tracked – and I could talk about dogs for hours.

Well, I went on a run again this weekend to continue building back the miles I lost during Swine Flu and Bronchitis so I started what I thought would be a second Mid-range run- and I run by a neighbors house…and what was that?  An armoire on their driveway? Surely they weren’t throwing it out…I mean that was a diamond in the rough.  I continued past….thinking they must just be moving things out, because no one would throw furniture out like that.  I ran by the house again, and then I noticed there were no knobs or back to the armoire…maybe they were throwing it out.  When I got about 3/4 a mile away from the house I started to panic?  What if someone else got to the armoire sitting on the curb for Monday trash before I did????? So without a blink of the eye, I cut my 5 mile run down to a 5K (which if you know me and how much I love running and how I stick to my goals religiously…that’s a big deal) and called my husband as I stood outside of the house that was throwing a way the armoire.  I wanted to ask them to make sure they were really throwing it away.  I mean, I don’t know these neighbors, they are a few houses away and I would hate for them to come out of the house as we are carrying it to our house, and be like, “um, what are you doing?”.  Haha…but no they were throwing it away, and I was in seventh heaven.  15 minutes and two throbbing, barely in existence biceps later….Matt and I had gotten the armoire into our living room, were it is sitting at this very moment.  I can’t wait to give is some tlc, some knobs, a pretty distressed look in my favorite heirloom white…sigh…what a great weekend! 🙂

The side-of-the-road armoire

(Sorry for the awful picture…I’m working on figuring the camera out..)


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