Home Improvement: Dis-illumined…

No that’s really not a word, but if I were to create a word to fit the situation, that would be it.  So, lets start at the beginning, when I got a gift card to Lowes for my birthday (SWEET! thank you Pam & Jim! (Matt’s parents)). I was so excited, and I thought about saving it for when Matt and I go buy a paint sprayer, but then I remembered how much I wanted to purchase some pathway lighting, and how much we needed it at that! Our front walkway is rather scary in the sense that you have to walk down several steps to get to the front door, which at night, without the proper illumination can be, lets say, dangerous and precarious

Well, this past weekend while Matt was reffing soccer (ALL day might I add) – I ran some much needed errands and decided to swing by Lowes while I was out, to check out their outdoor lighting.  I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been there, not out of not wanting to, I just didn’t know where it was (I know read a map or for Pete’s sake just google it??!) I spent probably a good 30-45 minutes studying the lights- in typical Katy fashion I couldn’t make up my mind!!!  I knew that I wanted solar-powered ones, no need to add to my electricity bill, so that eliminated 2/3’s of the options, and the fact that I was on a budget narrowed it down further.    I finally went with the amber look because I thought it looked more like a flame- but….considering I put them out on Oct 31…they looked rather like they were for halloween…so yes, that orange, not just amber.  I didn’t get any pictures, I apologize, but they just looked that bad. We gave it  two nights just so I wouldn’t make a rash decision, but we concluded that  it did absolutely no illuminating and were just too orange in color.  Hence the feeling of dis-illumiment (definition: feeling disillusioned as a result of a lack of illumination).  So I cleaned them up and went back to Lowes, in search of something more illuminating.  You’ll just have to wait and see what we got! 🙂 We are still testing them out, Matt argues that they don’t illuminate enough…I can see the steps with them though, and that was the purpose, I don’t care if you can’t read books out there, I just don’t want our guests making a great fall when they come to our house! 🙂  Stay tuned for pics and are conclusion!


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