Weekend Recap: October 19th

So I had a busy weekend and worked pretty much non-stop, here’s a recap on what I had planned, and what actually got done!

1.) Fix the OOPS! of our laminate job.  Pretty much this is an aesthetic thing…it just looks wrong to me, Miss Perfectionist and I would rather it be done right so there are no questions down the road….lets say when we sell the house.  this project will probably take about 4 hours. (after 4 hours…yes 4 hours of shopping on Saturday, (Grocery Store, Bed Bath & Beyond for wedding gift, Dollar Tree to get collar and leash for “Lola”, Old Time Pottery for sheets, Pottery Barn to replace one of my stemless wine glasses that broke this spring, VS to get a free birthday gift! ($10), Bath and Body for a free lotion, Home Depot for supplies, and goodwill to check for any great deals…) I was exhausted, so…I decided to focus on getting some things off my list like the outdoor winterizing, I have a little more winterizing left, after that I’ll post everything we’ve done to cut our electric bill this winter!)

2.) Purchase quarter round for the entire house (thank goodness its only .53 cents a foot!), trim paint, and finishing nails (2 hours)

3.) Purchase some winterizing items for the house such as plastic for the windows, and gathering the supplies we already have for the house. We are planning on getting the house ready for the winter sometime next week. (3o minutes) (I’m thinking I’m going to use my Lowes coupon this weekend between the trim job and the winterizing items!)

4.) Trim back the hasta for winter, plant some tulips. (1 hour)

5.) Finish a picture project (45 min) (ALMOST done!)

6.) Work on my business plan (2 hours) (I was bad for not working on this…I also should have worked on a freelance project, guess that’s what tonight will be all about!)

7.) Figure out where to take curtains to get cleaned or figure out how to clean them myself.

8.) Install quarter round??? (well…we spent quite a bit of time AND money at home depot, because we ended up buying our own compressor and nail gun, we have enough home projects in front of us (kitchen updates, crown molding, and of course the quarter round…to make it worth having on hand, and then selling on Craigslist later) – so that’s why we ended up not getting it installed, we just didn’t have enough time to get it done, but SOON!)

9.) 9-10 mile run

10.) Buy the hubby’s b’day gift…which I still don’t know what that is so that might present a small problem!

Although we didn’t get everything done on the list, I also managed to buy a wedding gift, run some errands, actually clean the curtains and iron them, do three loads of laundry, winterize two windows (post coming on that soon, so stay tuned!) trimmed back the hedges, helped with a political conference, oh and did I mention I also sat next to a sitting Senator??

Well, that was my weekend and how much I stuck to my to do list, not too bad, but lots to do this week! Did any of you do fun projects over the weekend?


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