Culinary Explorations: Popcorn Balls

So I’ve really gotten into the fall spirit these last few days.  Fall has always been hands down my favorite season – probably originally because of my October birthday…but as I grew up it became more about the excitement of a new school year, the refreshing weather, the sound of the leaves in the wind, apple cider, and raking leaves.  I’ve been so busy at work and church lately that I’ve barely even noticed its October!  I was reading blogs this week that talked about fall decor and I finally got my fall fever back 🙂  I went shopping at some local stores and stocked up on fall candles, and some fabulous decor.  But the main goal of my shopping trip…finding all the ingredients to make popcorn balls and carmel apples!  I didn’t get a chance to make the apples last night, but I did have a few minutes to whip up my very first batch of popcorn balls.



Overall it was a great experience…I learned a lot, like how many cups are in a quart (it called for 5 quarts of popcorn), how many quarts my saucepan held…and how HOT that sauce gets after it boils….ouch.  Now I’m not stupid enough to just dip fingers in the sauce, but the recipe said that after mixing the popcorn with the sauce to immediately form into balls.  I thought about it, thinking, oh, this is going to be hot, I should wait…but then I reread the instructions and it warned that the popcorn could harden if not formed into balls immediately.  What ensued I’m pretty confident had to be the most comical rendition of hot potatoes…because I burned my hands quite a few times (I think I yelled “holy cow” like five or six times….) thinking I was insane to be touching hot sugar with crisco covered hands.  But in the end, I was very happy with the result.  Having said that now I have about 18 popcorn balls that I will either take into work on Monday morning, or eat my self as the husband informed me this morning that he doesn’t like popcorn balls?  Now who doesn’t like popcorn balls except those who can’t eat popcorn because of a digestion problem or were ordered not to by their dentist….sigh, I don’t know what to do with him sometimes.  But I still enjoyed making the popcorn balls…inspite of the burning and the rejection from my hubby! 🙂


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