Campbell Humane Society???

Didn’t know how to label this one…but it does seem as of late that we are running a humane society.  Either all of our neighbors are lazy and care nothing about other living creatures…or I just have the “biggy softy” scent that all lonely pets are drawn to! 

Last night on my monday run I was grooving to some great needtobreathe music when I see a dog dodging from lawn to lawn quite irradically.  I didn’t recognize the dog which is unusual as I know most of the dogs in the neighborhood.  After letting him smell my hand I yelled at a few neighbors asking if this might be a delinquent runaway of one of their nextdoor neighbors…the answer, no, but we’ve seen him running around for the past few days.  So I reluctantly called the puppy along and he followed me all the way back to my house (during which time I had to scream at a car to slow down because she was on her cell phone and almost hit the poor thing! I’m sure I have now been labeled the crazy runner girl…but who cares I saved the dogs life, right?) After leaving him with the hubby whom I sure was thinking “Again…?” I went back on my run and asked a few neighbors who were actually out in the drizzle if they knew of anyone missing a dog about 30lbs in weight, Rottweiler coloring and about 6 months old.  Of course the answer was no since the dog is at this very moment confined to  my guest bathroom.  About that…we thought it was a he because it appeared at quick glance to have male parts hanging off of him…well, when I discovered that there was blood all over my floor and that no dogs were bleeding from wounds, we decided to flip “him” over for a more thorough check of “his” defining parts.  What we thought were male parts were actually inflamed female parts…and for those of you who don’t know, that is fairly normal for dogs in, you guessed it, in heat.  Boy I know how to pick em.  My sister rightfully asked if Matt or I paid any attention in Biology class, I chuckled, but seriously you would have made the same mistake at first glance…So after a failed attempt to get her to sleep outside we let her sleep in the guest bathroom with some towels so she wouldn’t bleed all over the floors.  Anyways….so once again Matt and I are trying to find the owners of this poor thing…they probably don’t deserve her since she chewed through the rope they had her tied with.  I’m trying to see if the Southern States Rottweiler Rescue  will take her, I’m not sure though as she is a mix.  Here’s hoping for her sake, as she is sweet as can be! And I’m hoping we can get her somewhere safe before we find out she is prego or something like that! Can you even imagine!  Take a look at her cute little face:

Sweety who has wandered from home...

Sweety who has wandered from home...


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