Decor 101: Ships Ahoy!

The first project Matt and I tackled when we moved in was not the tiled entryway, nor the ugly, eww, horendous carpet, nor the guest bedroom…no, it was the guest bathroom.  I think we are still tackling it, in that it feels very much unfinished and I’m not thrilled with it.  I do love the colors though, I’m just not happy with the quality of finishing!  We have high hopes for the room and there are plans in the future to retile, (repaint to cover some oopsies), get a “new” ie repurposed vanity and frame out the mirror….but in the meantime I’ve had some fun accessorizing the bathroom with bright whites to compliment and tone down the bold nautical blue.  But my dream for the bathroom was to find a ships wheel to hang in the bathroom.  I had searched for almost a year and when I had found absolutely nothing – I just decided to hang pictures in the place of where the ships wheel would go….


but then last week…I was having a rough day at work and one of the managers of our event-planning department came over and said….”a little bird told me you might like this” and to my wonderment he held a ships wheel in a lovely natural wood tone.  I was in heaven.  Nautical heaven that is.  THIS would make my bathroom go from ….dark blue and white blah to oooh lah lah!  Here’s my favorite new accessory at home:)

Ships Ahoy...the ship wheel of my DREAMS!


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